Planning to Visit?

We're thrilled to welcome guests to our family farm during October! We may not have the "big" attractions like roller coasters and catapults found at larger farms, but our small and charming farm is perfect for younger children.

Our hope is that everyone who visits our farm feels blessed and enjoys their time here. We're looking forward to sharing the joy of our farm with you and helping your group to create wonderful memories together!

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The pumpkin patch will be accepting guests starting September 28th. Visits to the farm can be scheduled using the Bookeo link below.
Click Here to Schedule A Visit for 2023!

How It Works

We have implemented scheduled visits, which leads to smaller crowds on the farm, and creates an environment which is reminiscent of our early years - more relaxed, personable, and enjoyable for both guests and farm workers. All visits are by RESERVATION ONLY. Admission/reservation is available through an online scheduling/ticketing system (link appears below). The cost of an admission package is per person (Infants under 24 months do not need to purchase a ticket, their admission is free).

Notice: there are different admission rates depending on which day you are planning to visit.

Saturday / Sunday: $10 per person
Monday-Friday: $7.50 per person

Each Admission Package includes:

a. 90-minute farm visit (this includes time for arrival/check-in and for check-out/departure).

b. ONE Farm Ride Token (additional Farm Ride Tokens can be purchased at the farm stand for $3.25 each, or 5 for $15).
Tokens are used for the the super slide -OR- hay ride -OR- the pumpkin barrel ride (for children only).
If your group is likely to want to enjoy multiple rides, we recommend picking up extra tokens at check-in to reduce time at the farmstand.

c. Opportunity to visit and feed farm animals

d. Four (4) water balloons (per paying guest) for pumpkin slingshot (additional balloons can be purchased)

e. A walk on the "Pumpkinairies Treasure Trail" through the forest

f. the Lil' Homestead Helpers area (an interactive experience for children to participate in foundational farm elements in a kid-friendly way)

g. Many opportunities for photos

h. A rugged wagon for your group, assigned to you at check in, to be utilized during your visit

i. The opportunity to select a pumpkin (or a few) to take home.
NOTICE: Pumpkins are purchased separately. They are NOT included with admission. You do not have to buy a pumpkin to visit the farm, but if you want to take one home, you must purchase it before you leave.

Gather together with your family and/or friends, and book your visit times together!

It is almost guaranteed that you will be sharing the farm with other groups during your visit (the 90-minute visit times overlap). If you desire to reserve the entire farm for your visit, you can arrange that, by booking all the time slots for the time frame you prefer, plus both time slots prior and both time slots subsequent to your visit , so the farm is entirely empty except for your group. At $7.50/$10 per booking slot, that could be expensive, but it is possible.

If you are trying to book an extra-large group together, let us know what you’re trying to do, and we’ll see how we can make it work on our end.

Link for Birthday Party/Field Trip Info

What we ask of our guests….
PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS. Crowd sizes will be smaller than previous years. If everyone is kind, and considerate, understanding, respecting, and protecting of others with their attitudes, words and behaviors… the pumpkin patch will continue to be a pleasant place for everyone… a chance to make special memories with those close to us.

Let us all work together to create a pleasant atmosphere for a fun and enjoyable pumpkin season!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm in October!
😊 The Creek House Farm Family

The pumpkin patch will be accepting guests starting September 28th. Visits to the farm can be scheduled using the Bookeo link below.
Click Here to Schedule A Visit for 2023!

Physical Address of Creek House Farm:
6060 E Collins Rd, Port Orchard, Washington

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