A Family Farm

Our farm serves many purposes, but first and foremost it is our home. Our children and grandchildren run on trails through the woods, splash in the creek, play with the animals and enjoy the simple life of growing up on a farm. Here, our family has learned the truth of the phrase "work hard, play hard".

We are blessed by this lifestyle which is rapidly disappearing in our modern culture. Our family is pleased to invite you to our home and share our farm with you!

Our Farm's History

Farm House during the 1930s

The house was built in 1908 by the Fease family. It was sold in 1916 to the Collins family (Collins Road is named after this family), and was then sold again in 1940 to the Moore family.

Learning to Drive the Tractor

We purchased the house on 12 acres from the Moore estate in the summer of 2000. At the time of purchase, the surrounding forest came up to within 6 feet from the house. For the next 9 years, we worked hard as a family, restoring, renovating, and updating the farmhouse and returning portions of the forest to organic farmland and pasture. All of this was done while carefully maintaining the beauty of the natural woodlands and creek.

Planting the First Pumpkin Seed

In 2009, we decided to establish the pumpkin patch. We wanted to create a sustainable farm-based business that could be operated by us as a family. Over the spring and summer, we converted several of our pastures into fields with mowed grass in between rows of vining pumpkin plants. The first October that the pumpkin patch was open to the public was fairly simple. The hay ride could only seat about 12 passengers and the farmstand had a single checkout window.

Farmstand and Covered Area

Over the years, both our family and our farm have grown and changed. We have made several upgrades and additions to the pumpkin patch to enhance visitors' experiences and make our jobs on the farm easier as well. These include expanding the farmstand area, purchasing a larger tractor and trailer, and adding the slingshot, barrel train, and super slide, as well as planting more areas with pumpkins.

View of the Farm from Top of Hill

Since the 2020 season, We have implemented scheduled visits, which leads to smaller crowds on the farm, and creates an environment which is reminiscent of our early years - more relaxed, personable, and enjoyable for both guests and farm workers. As we look ahead to this season and the seasons yet to come, we wish to continue providing guests with a quality experience here at Creek House Farm. The pumpkin patch has provided joyful moments over the years for our visitors and our own family. May it continue to bring happy memories for many Octobers to come!

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