Personalizing in the Pumpkin Patch

What are Personalized Pumpkins?

Pumpkins have a dual purpose each autumn. Some folks use them for decorations, others for food. With our personalization service we would like to offer you the opportunity to use your pumpkin for both! Personalized pumpkins are a unique way to decorate your home, business or office, while maintaining the integrity of the pumpkin to be used as food at the end of the season.

Imagine this.... your family visits our farm and searches through the pumpkin patches to "discover" the pumpkins which have been personalized just for you!* You take home your personalized pumpkins to use as decorations throughout the fall... and then for Thanksgiving, you turn them into very yummy pumpkin scones, delicious pumpkin bread or a hearty pumpkin soup! WOW! True dual-use pumpkins!

*Clues to pumpkin locations are available upon request.

How does it work? When the pumpkin is still small and green, we scratch your name or other message into the flesh. As the pumpkin turns orange and hardens, a "raised crust" forms on the pumpkin where it has been scratched. Since the shell of the pumpkin has not been compromised, the integrity of the inner flesh is maintained. You can use it for decoration, and then later for food!

Personalization Ideas

Personalized Pumpkins Used for Baby Announcement

Your family's last name: "The Smith Family"
Your children's first names: "Samuel", "Rose"
A greeting: "Welcome", "Happy Harvest"
For your business: "Thanks For Your Support"
Fun announcements for a loved one: Imagine a series of personalized pumpkins, along with a private stroll through the pumpkin patches to reveal a marriage proposal or the announcement of a new baby for your family! Perhaps a personalized pumpkin for each family member... what a great family photo! Be creative, and have fun!

Ordering Personalized Pumpkins

The number of pumpkins available for personalization each year is limited, and ordering early is strongly encouraged (We have to scratch in the personalization while pumpkins are still young and green).

You can order by email (, by regular mail (Creek House Farm PO BOX 422 Manchester, WA 98353), or by using our online form (link is at the bottom of this page). The personalization fee is $5.50 per personalization* (due when you place your order), plus the weight of the pumpkin (paid when you pick up your pumpkin in October). You must include EXACTLY what you want to be scratched onto the pumpkin, and whether you prefer a medium, large or giant pumpkin (keep in mind, you will pay for your pumpkin by weight when you pick it up and larger pumpkins can be very heavy. Be sure you request the size you want. We don't want anyone disappointed, or overwhelmed when you come to the pumpkin patch!). To complete your order you can either mail your personalization fee ($5.50 per pumpkin + additional letters @ $.25 ea + 9.0% sales tax) to Creek House Farm P.O. Box 422 Manchester, WA 98353 or you can pay with Paypal (after completing the online order form). All orders will be completed upon receipt of the personalization fee.

Notice: personalized pumpkin orders DO NOT include admission to the farm; you can schedule a farm visit here or you can contact us and schedule a "farm-side pickup" (no admission required).

*Note: We are happy to personalize pumpkins with names or messages longer than 10 letters/characters. However, out of consideration for our time, we charge $.25 for each additional character past 10. Example: "Samuel" =$5.50; "Rose" =$5.50; "Welcome" =$5.50, "Happy Harvest" = $6.00 (1st 10 letters $5.50, + 2 additional letters @ $.25 each = $6.00.)



Anniversary Personalization on a Specialty Pumpkin

Birth Announcement Personalized on Specialty Pumpkins

We typically use our Connecticut Field Pumpkins for personalization. If you would like to upgrade to a specialty, soup, or sugar pumpkin, please note that when you order. Please note that Specialty, soup, and sugar pumpkins are more expensive than field pumpkins.

Personalized Pumpkin waiting to be Picked Up

Please note: organic pumpkins and the personalization process are natural. We will be sure to keep spelling and punctuation exactly as you order it.... but the rest will be a natural product. We cannot guarantee perfection, (nor would we attempt to) as that part is not within our control. As an attempt to help keep your pumpkins from prematurely decomposing, we remove them from the patch and store them safely out of the elements until your arrival. Your pumpkin will be beautiful... as it is created... but not without imperfections... perfect is relative to expectation and usually only comes in plastic 😁.

Seattle Seahawks Personalized Pumpkin

Additionally, we ABSOLUTELY reserve the right to refuse to personalize any pumpkin with a message or image we find offensive, or feel may be offensive to any of the guests attending our pumpkin patch.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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