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Personalized Pumpkin Order Form
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Personalized Message
Additional Comments for Creek House Farmers...
This is the name by which we will record the location of your pumpkin in the patch. When you come to our farm to discover your personalized pumpkin, we will ask for your name (the name you've given us here), to look up the location of your pumpkin (which patch, which row, etc.), and then offer you as much - or as little - information as you desire to find your personalized pumpkin.
All of the following information is "required" to order, process and create your personalized pumpkin.
Pumpkin #1:
Size of pumpkin to personalize...When selecting the size of your pumpkin to be personalized, please keep in mind, the personalization fee of $5 (up to 10 letters; $.25 each additional letter) is standard for all, but you will pay for your pumpkin by weight when you pick it up... giant pumpkins can be VERY HEAVY... be sure you order what you want... we don't want anyone disappointed, or overwhelmed when you come to the pumpkin patch!
Personalized Message... Please type EXACTLY what you would like on your pumpkin, exactly as you wish it to appear (consider capital or lower case letters, correct spelling, spacing, etc.). Your pumpkin will be personalized based on your order.  Please note: We ABSOLUTELY reserve the right to refuse to personalize any pumpkin with a message or image we find offensive, or feel may be offensive to any of the guests attending our pumpkin patch.
Size of pumpkin to personalize
Personalized Message
Pumpkin #2:
Size of pumpkin to personalize
Personalized Message
Pumpkin #3:
Size of pumpkin to personalize
Personalized Message
Pumpkin #4:
If you would like to order more than 4 personalized pumpkins, please indicate the sizes and messages desired in the "Additional Comments for Creek House Farmers" textbox below.

Our standard pumpkins for personalization are the Connecticut Field Pumpkins. If you would prefer a specialty soup or sugar pumpkin please note that in the comment section below. If you know the name of the specialty variety you would like, please indicate that in your comment. Please note: specialty soup and sugar pumpkins are more expensive then field pumpkins, but offer a distinctly improved food quality.  Most folks are pleased with the field pumpkins, but if you would like one of our lovely heirloom cooking varieties personalized for you, we would be happy to do that for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
Purchasing A Personalized Pumpkin 
$5 for personalization fee (up to 10 letters + $.25 each additional letter) (due when you place order, either via PayPal* or a mailed payment-PO BOX 422 Manchester, WA 98353)
plus the weight of the pumpkin (due when you pick your pumpkin from the patch). 
*Note: In order to keep PayPal payments simple...if you have more than 10 letters, and you pay with PayPal, 
we will collect the $.25 for each additional letter when you pick up your pumpkin(s) at the farm. :) 

You can order in 3 ways: 
1. Complete the following on-line form, or
2. E-mail the necessary information to pumpkins@creekhousefarm.com
3. Mail the necessary information and your personalization fee to Creek House Farm PO BOX 422 Manchester, WA 98353

Orders will be confirmed when personalization payment is received.
This is for the purpose of confirming your order, and for pumpkin patch reminders. We certainly aren't going to give it to anyone else!