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Creek House Farm
Port Orchard, Washington
The farmhouse here at Creek House Farm was built in 1908, and has been home to only 4 families in over 100 years. This photo is circa 1930s and is courtesy of H. Collins Reed.
Preparing the first field for pumpkins. 
Working together as a family. 
The children help pick up the rocks.
Planting the first pumpkin seed! 
Our farm serves many purposes, but first and foremost it is our home. Our children run through the trails, splash in the creek, play with the animals and enjoy the simple life of growing up on a farm (which includes much hard work and exuberant play as a family).

Our house was built in 1908 by the Fease family, sold in 1916 to the Collins family (whom Collins Road is named after), and was then sold in 1940 to the Moore family. We purchased the house on 12 acres from the Moore estate in the summer of 2000. We have spent the first 9 years updating and restoring the farmhouse as well as returning portions of the forest to organic farmland, while carefully maintaining the beauty of the natural woodlands and creek.

We are blessed by this lifestyle which is rapidly disappearing in our modern culture. Our family is pleased to invite you to our home and share our farm with you!
Our family began the 
pumpkin patch 
in 2009.
The Pumpkin Patch Kids 
at Disneyland in 2014.