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Creek House Farm
Port Orchard, Washington
There are many reasons for organic farming prevalent in the news today. Organic foods are healthier, with improved taste, and organic farming practices are better for the earth. Our reasons are even more simple. The food we grow here on our farm is the food we place on the table for our children to eat. The soils on our farm have been entrusted to our care, and we want to be the very best stewards we can be.... for our family, and yours, and those of the future.
Please note: we are not "certified organic" by the government... but we choose to follow the principles of organic farming as well as sustainable agriculture, and we continue to learn more about improving our practices every day.
As with organic, there are many folks moving to heirloom produce as well. The reasons are many... 
We choose heirloom because we prefer non-GMO foods, we like the variety of tastes, textures and appearance available with heirloom vegetables, and the unique history of each heirloom plant is so interesting!