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Due to Covid-19 regulations, we are NOT HAVING OPEN FARM NOR HOSTING FIELD TRIPS IN 2020. Please visit our homepage for information about farm visits by appointment.
We love to welcome groups to the farm in October! We offer a few different options for groups  visiting the pumpkin patch, and we invite you to consider each, and decide which one best suits the needs of your group.

Just so you know...we are a small family farm, and our farm doesn't offer the "big" attractions available at larger farms. (No rollercoasters or trebuchets here...) Our farm is very well suited to younger children, so if your group is heavily weighted to older kids....they may be disappointed if they are seeking a really-big-farm! It has been our experience that older kiddos that come along with their families and younger siblings are happy if they're used to doing things that appeal to all ages. It just depends on the kids, and what they are accustomed to or expecting.  You know your group best. 

It is truly our hope and our heart that folks are blessed by coming here and sharing our farm.