Another option for a group is to schedule a field trip...which reserves a specific date and time for your group at the farm. We provide structured activities and charge a per-student fee.  We recommend multiple parent chaperones for your makes it more fun for the kids - and great memories for the parents. There is no charge for adults. We're glad you're here to enjoy the pumpkin patch with your kids. Please see the sibling policy below. (We try to make that reasonable, too).

For scheduled field trips we offer a series of structured activities which students rotate through in small groups. These activities may include a story, a nature trail adventure, an autumn craft, a pumpkin-themed slingshot (new in 2016!), a sing-a-long-song, a visit with our animal farm friends -including a small bag of animal feed, a ride through Storywood (new in 2016!), time at our play area, or perhaps a scavenger hunt... and always a pumpkin to take home.  These activities are selected by the Creek House Farmers based upon the size, age and other interests of each individual group. We cannot guarantee any specific activity for any group - but we do strive to make sure your group has a wonderful time here. We typically do not offer tractor/hay rides during field trips, but sometimes they are included as a special treat if we have to make adjustments in another area.

Depending on the needs of your group, we can also tweak things a bit to best suit your group if you choose a scheduled field trip option. (We've offered short science lessons instead of a storybook for homeschool groups...upgraded the craft for a girl scout group... etc.)

Field Trip Fee Structure  (effective October 2016) 
(please select only one option for your whole group)

Option A: Full Farm Adventure Experience including a pre-picked (conventionally grown from a family farm in Puyallup) sugar pumpkin that students select from our special field trip area. $10/student
(This is our most popular field trip option - it establishes a standard rate per student which makes it easier for groups to collect funds, and minimizes the time for young students to select their special pumpkin)

Option B: Full Farm Adventure Experience including an organically grown Creek House Farm pumpkin picked from the patch by each student. 
$7.50/student plus the cost of the pumpkin (weighed at the farmstand)
(This allows students to go out into our patches to select their pumpkins - but the differences in price vary greatly depending upon the weight and variety of pumpkin each student selects -it takes a lot more time for young students  as they are out in the patches searching for their special pumpkin).

Option C: Lil' Pumpkin Special is a special offer for lil' pumpkins in the 2yr-young 3 yr age range. We shorten the overall experience - offer fewer activities - and include a pre-picked (conventionally grown from a family farm in Puyallup) sugar pumpkin from our special field trip area. If you have an active group of 2s or young 3s, they may enjoy the Full Farm Adventure, but we like to offer this option for the little ones who wear out more easily. (Note: this option is not available for students ages 4 and they really enjoy the Full Farm Adventure!)

Sibling Policy for Scheduled Field Trips
If a sibling is within the age range of the students in the field trip, we charge (and they participate) just like the other students in the group. If the sibling is outside the age range of the rest of the group (either younger or older) and they are accompanying their parent, we offer a special reduced fee structure option for that sibling.  We call these "tagalong siblings" and they only pay for individual activities for which they participate (like Storywood or crafts or a bag of animal feed). If they would like to take a pumpkin home, they may choose any pumpkin they like - and we will weigh and charge for the pumpkin at the farmstand. If the sibling chooses to participate in everything, it is more cost-effective to pay the field trip rate. We rely upon the parents to communicate to us at the end of the field trip which activities the sibling participated in, and to weigh the chosen pumpkin. Our goal is to make it affordable for families to bring along all of their children if they prefer. (With 7 children of our own, we know the value of being able to do things affordably with everyone included.)

Scheduling Your Field Trip
We begin taking reservations on August 1, and we do tend to fill our time slots quickly, so please review the available slots in our calendar below, and then let us know your preferred date(s) & time(s) to schedule a field trip so we can get you scheduled soon. 

PLEASE NOTE - NEW IN 2014! We are so grateful for the many wonderful groups who visit us each fall. Some of you have been with us since our first year! We truly look forward to sharing our farm with you! Last year, we actually booked the farm solid for the month of October and had to turn groups away -even groups who had been here for years. So sad! We have made a change in our field trip scheduling which we hope will allow us to accomodate more folks who would like to make a visit to Creek House Farm part of their autumn tradition. Beginning this year, groups of less than 20 students  may be scheduled along with another small group for the same time slot. (With the hope that the combined group total number of students won't exceed 30). Your group will remain in your own small groups as you rotate around the farm, but there may be another small group here simultaneously. Many of you like to schedule your field trips on the same day/general time frame as your students typically attend school, and we would like to honor that - as well as allowing other small groups to do the same. If you prefer to have the farm exclusively to your group, you may wish to combine your classes to form a group of 20 or more students. Our hope is that this change will allow more kiddos to be able to come, while still preserving the personal attention and family-farm feel we like to offer all of you. 

UPDATE FOR 2016! We have added additional field trip opportunities this year! We are now offering 3 field trips a day instead of two. We are trying to accommodate additional groups that haven't been able to get on our schedule because we have filled up so quickly each year. 

Take a look at our calendar, and see which date and time slot will work best for your group. Please note: the times this year are structured differently in order to accommodate three groups daily instead of two. Contact us via phone or email to select your date/time and make the reservation for your group. We will do our best to update our calendar as quickly as folks make reservations, so you can see what is available to choose from. We hope this will work out for everyone and allow more kiddos to come and enjoy the farm in October. 


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