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Port Orchard, Washington
Creek House Farm is a family farm located in the Manchester area of Port Orchard, Washington. We raise organic, heirloom pumpkins and open our farm to the public in the fall for guests to select from 20+ varieties of pumpkins, enjoy multiple family-fun activities, and many opportunities for photos! We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our farm.
"Home of the Personalized Pumpkin"


What a year!
Due to Covid-19 and the constantly changing regulations, Creek House Farm is entirely different this year. Please read further to see how this may impact your traditional expectations of visiting our farm.

We had to make planting decisions last spring (remember what March-April-May were like?) There was NO WAY to predict what October would be like (it's July - we still don't know what to expect in October!)

In addition to Covid-adjustments, our family also experienced a major job change, and welcomed two new babies. With October conditions being unknown last spring; this seemed like a good year to give farmers, family and soil a rest.

Instead of planting 3 full patches, we only planted one patch, the one behind the farmstand. Taking into consideration what options our regular guests could fulfill in other ways, we chose to plant organic heirloom varieties (which are difficult to find elsewhere), as well as field pumpkins (so we could still offer some personalized pumpkins).

We are personalizing pumpkins this year, but we have a VERY LIMITED supply of pumpkins. In a normal year I have 11+ long rows to choose from, this year I only have 5 short rows. Order early, and please be flexible with your size requests - we literally are working with whatever is available. 
ALSO: Please note, personalized pumpkins may be "curbside pickup" this year, we are not guaranteeing a farm visit. 

We are NOT HOSTING field trips this year. This was such a difficult decision to make, but all things considered, we believe it was the best one. We LOVE our field trip guests, and we will miss seeing you this year! IF your group still desires to visit the farm, AND we end up being able to have "guests by appointment" you may be able to make that work, BUT it will not be like our usual field trip experience at all. Check back in September to see what has been decided in regards to farm visits by appointment. 

We will NOT BE HAVING OPEN FARM as we have in previous years. We MAY allow FARM VISITS BY APPOINTMENT. Those details will be determined in September, but will probably include a per-person fee, with very limited activities, specific timeframe, maximum capacity for farm, and whatever covid restrictions are in place at that time. The benefit may be that there won't be large crowds, and parking should be less frustrating. :)

 IF we are able to have farm visits by appointment, photographers and their clients would follow the same guidelines as other guests: per-person fee, specific timeframe, maximum capacity, follow current covid restrictions.

We fully recognize the disappointment that accompanies all the "out of the ordinary" changes that have become a part of 2020 - even here at the pumpkin patch. It is our hope, that whatever autumn brings, everyone finds a way to make some special memories with family and friends... whether here at Creek House Farm, or in other ways.

Thank you for your patience with us as we navigate difficult decision making for everyone's safety and benefit.

Sincerely, The Pumpkin Family of Creek House Farm